How can naturopathic medicine help?- 4 minutes

Dr. Kaczor talks about health and medicine in cancer care, and how naturopathic doctors are uniquely positioned to help.

Lecture on Naturopathic Med and Cancer-45 minutes

This is a full length video of a lecture given to professionals. The audience is already educated in nutrition, but there is plenty of good info in here for everyone. (She just uses bigger words with this crowd.)

Managing Side Effects of Estrogen Blocking Drugs-1.25 hrs

This is a recording of a Susan G. Komen lecture given in Portland, OR, in 2017. While the focus is breast cancer, the first segment is relevant to all cancers.

Bacteria in the gut and Colon Cancer- 1.5 minutes

Do the bacteria in the colon have a role in causing colon cancer? This is brief clip of a larger interview on colorectal cancer.

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